Do Not Overload Electrical Circuit Digital Nomad Tip - Voltage Drop

Voltage Drop - Do Not Overload Electrical Circuit Digital Nomad Travel Tip.

In the USA 12 and 14 gauge wire is used for wiring a home, or business. This is not true in many countries, the wire is often nothing more than cheap extension cord, often 16-22 gauge wire. This means that a fan could drop the voltage down to levels that could harm your computer black box. This box converts 110-220 to 19 volts, and overheats with low voltage.

Here is a video explaning how to optimize the use of electricity inside a Hotel room for the digital nomad traveler. 

Voltage Drop

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I wouldnt even have my computer plugged in during a thunderstorm... I would use the battery if I truly needed my computer and not plug in till the storm had passed... You could be having a brown out and not even know it...

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