Use to Receive Telephone Calls Anywhere on Planet

You can have one telephone number, and it will forward to anywhere on the planet with

One Telephone Number and Anyone Can Call You!
(Almost Anywhere on planet!)

How do I use? My Father has cancer, I got my mother to program this number into her cell. 1 260-624-4414.

She labeled it "Andy Anywhere."

How to get an Anywhere on Planet Number?

1. Read the instructions below, and do as they say, or....

2. Pay me 50 dollars, and I will call your cell phone and walk you through it. - Call 1-260-624-4414

Contrary to misconceptions, computers and the Internet is often the problem, and not the solution. online


The goal is communication, whether for friendship, family, business or for fun, just to chat up the girl in Hong Kong I know.

What is possible for all people in the USA?

1. E-mail - NO

2. Facebook - NO

3. Google Search - NO

4. Text Message - NO

The Answer is make a telephone call

If I do not say, "I am in Guatemala." I can call up my sisters, get their answering service, leave my telephone number and they call back.

When I call, it shows my telephone number on their caller ID and they can answer, if it says RESTRICTED, they do not answer.

I have a telephone number that reaches me in any country:

USA number: Indiana


I pay roughly 10 USD per month, or 120 USD per year, and I am in business.

For 10 USD I Receive From Skype:

1. A number inside the USA, maybe England

2. My number shows when I call another person.

3. They can save my number in their cell phone, and call me back.

4. The dial the number, the phone call goes to on my computer.

5. I can forward it to a cell phone in Guatemala I buy for 15-25 dollars.

The Problems with this Skype Number

1. There are too many rings before I can answer.  The person hangs up before the call is transferred, I try to tell my mother, please let it ring until it stops. If I do not answer, do it again. (But, it did caller ID, I can call them.)

2. I have to pay the per minute rate to receive, that can be from 2 cents for the USA up to 1.00 U.S. Dollars for Africa.

3. Sometime local cell phone connections do not forward well. Or, I do not want to pay 1.00 per minute. ( I can call them back at 2 cents per minute.) Then, I just allow voicemail to pick up.

The Great Part: Caller ID caller Identifies the number, and stores it in the control panel, and I can all them back.

I do not do business with restricted calls, or people that do not tell me their name, they are too scared to be good business associates. And not brave enough to tell me the truth, they will not tell people to quit calling.

But, if they are truly obnoxious, I can block a call on Skype.

Getting Started:

1. Sign up for Skype:

That means, get a username, password, receive an e-mail and confirm it you.

2. Download to your computer.

3. Attach your credit card, debit, or to the account, so it will automatically reload money.

4. Go to "Account." in the top of the control panel of the program.

5. Find the words "Online Number."

6. Sign, pay, etc.

7. Set up forwarding.

8. Test the number, use a number of a friend, call the "Online Number" and see if it forward to you.

Oo La La (Swedish for Great!)

You are in business.

OR - Pay me 50 dollars, and I will call your cell phone and walk you through it. - Call 1-260-624-4414


Andy Lee Graham in Anywhere on the planet, a great place to be.

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Comments 2

Phil J

Andy I have a state side USA cell phone number that is a local call for a lot of my immediate family in Washington state. So I could set up call forwarding from that number so it would ring me on skype. Not sure exactly how it works. I do have family members who would call that number but who will not call me on skype.
Have a great time in Guatemala. I cannot wait to go to the new Pollo Campero in Pana.


Yes, you could forward the USA number, to the new Skype number, and when it arrived in the Philippine on, you could forward the Skype number to your local number in the Philippines. There is a way in the USA to have a land line number 100 percent of the time forwarded at the Telephone company. I has a real estate business, I moved my office to another dialing area. I refused to lose the number I had advertised for 10 years, so had a relay made. The bad part, is people caller ID you, then use the number you are calling from, and not the long-term number. There is something dysfunctional going on in people in the USA. They are willing to change e-mail address, or telephone numbers. I am not, I have been using the same e-mail for 11 years, I did not jump to because it would confuse my friends. Now, I have 100s of friend, if not 1000s that e-mail me, so it would be a big lost. And, if you have been using a cell phone number for 5 years, it is crazy to lose it, if you can afford the money. I have had my 260-624-4414 number for 3-4 years now. Life is about relationships, I know I have to talk to 30 people I do not want, to find the one person I want for a friend. This blocking, restricted calls, etc. means to me, a person hats people in reality, it is the body language of telephone answering.

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