Searching for Virgin Mobile USA Employees with a Brain to Buy USB Internet Modem

I need to buy USB Wireless Modem Internet Access so I can do a USA road trip in 2012, I am Andy Lee Graham of, 14 years and 90 countries.

Virgin Mobile USA employee search

"I need to find people in the USA with a brain to help me buy a USB Internet Modem."

Hello, my name is Andy Lee Graham, I have traveled the world perpetually for 14 years and have worked on web sites from 90 countries. It is February 23, 2012, I am presently in the Dominican Republic, in a small village called Montellano close to the tourist city of Sousa. We have an Expat Portal also called ""

UBB Internet Modem

I am using a USB Wireless Internet Modem here in the Dominican Republic, it cost 45 USD per month for 3 Gigs of transfer. It is 3G and connects to the Claro cell phone towers the same as the Claro cell phones, theoretically anywhere there is cell phone access, then I could or should have Internet access. (If they updated the cell tower.)

Cell phone access is better in the cheap or underdeveloped countries because they never ran phone lines, so I would expect worst coverage in the USA.

 Virgin USB Modem

I will probably buy something like this, unless I can use one of the six I already have in my possession. I want the Control Panel software on the chip, and that is why I buy a chip, not for the chip. (The control panel software is what the chip gives that is good, it is on the chip normally.)

The true cost is only five dollars and the rest of the world has taken to give them away or charging 10 USD, so the USA is still in February of 2012 at gouge mode pricing.

Virgin Plan

The unlimited, that is NOT unlimited for 50 USD should work, I will budget 100-150 USD per month on this, and hope I can refill Gigs easy.

Brains - Who has Virgin Mobile Brains?

I am hoping today, the guys that work in Radio Shack in Angola can sell me this access. I am not worried about the modem. I need to find a person who is honest and smart enough to tell me all the ways Virgin USA Mobil could screw me, under the scammy way of acting, like I am suppose to understand all their fine print.

Do NOT ever Trust a Telecoms
As some of you know, Verizon did a true world wide scam last year when they took the BlackBerry access from 69 unlimited, to 2 cents a kilobyte. They got their due from the one they had me reviewing when they had to pay 80 K for Internet access while I was in Ghana.

I was given a Free BlackBerry to review Internationally, and after three years Verizon screwed the deal, and had to pay 80 k, and everything I had said for thee years was now bullshit, they tagged me, group me with their lies.

Read about the end to my Verizon International review.

Virgin Mobile - I refuse to trust any Telecoms

Here is the link, WARNING, this stuff is at best, never to be trusted. Try to find an honest person who can list out all the problems. I expect this link to break, as it is just another way they unhook from commitments. They can change the page and the deal at will.

Take care,

Andy Lee Graham in Dominican Republic.

Photos Searching for Virgin Mobile USA Employees with a Brain to Buy USB Internet Modem

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