Monitor the Bandwidth used by USB Wireless Modem Internet Access with Networx Free Software by

You are given a 3 GIG upload, download allotment with your USB wireless modem for Internet access, how do you monitor your usage?

Bandwidth of USB

I travel from country to country, I have now used six different USB Modems for Internet access. In a perfect world, the control panel fo the cellular telephone company that supplies the Internet access would tell me.

I have this Free program called NetWorx, it tells me daily, weekly, monthly, yearly bandwidth usage.

I highly recommend you monitor this, so you can buy adequate Internet access for your need or budget.

Example, it is going to cost me 90 USD per month for 6 Gigs here in the Dominican Republic for Claro. I know many of you have only had unlimited, but if you want to become a Digital Nomad, meet the new boss, you are not in Kansas.

So, I can buy 6 Gigs for 3000 Pesos....

I use the custom feature above to budget my usage, it is not easy to recharge this system here in the DR, I must return to the main office close here in Puerta Plata and stand in line for an hour.

Good luck

Andy Lee Graham - also chief Blogger for

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