How a Digital Nomad uses a USB Wireless Modem for Internet Access?

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I need to buy USB Wireless Modem Internet Access so I can do a USA road trip in 2012, I am Andy Lee Graham of, 14 years and 90 countries.


Monitor the Bandwidth used by USB Wireless Modem Internet Access with Networx Free Software by Photo 

You are given a 3 GIG upload, download allotment with your USB wireless modem for Internet access, how do you monitor your usage?


USB Modem Internet Access

USB Wireless Modem Intenet Access Defined:

You are given a USB chip, it looks like a thumbdrive for memory. The chip serves as an antenna that connect to the local cell phone towers. The chip is a modem for the Internet on your computer. You dial the cell phone number on the chip inside the modem, and access the Internet. You have internet access access anywhere there is cell phone coverage. There is a control panel software on the chip, when you buy the chip, this is activated. The going cost is about 5-15 USD for the modem for more developing country, on a prepaid system, not postpaid.

List of USB Modem Internet Connection Problems

1. The cell phone company reboots computer at 4-5-6-7 am in the morning, and you do not have a connection for 30-60 minutes.

2. Poor cell phone connection, please check the number of bars.

3. There is a software conflict between another USB modem control panetl software, when you change countries, it is best to uninstall the other software. For example, I had Orange on the computer in Ivory Coast, when I entered Ghana, I removed it and installed MTN.

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