USB Cord Low Current Problem

I am on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and the long USB cord would not work, low current is a problem for Digital Nomad Travelers.


Not Enough Electrical Current

I purchased a printer in Panajachel, Guatemala for 30 USD, because I am writing a book, and it is easier to proofread with paper. Well, the Canon printer did not include a USB cord, therefore thinking I was clever, I went back and purchased a long USB cord, but it did not work good. I finally went back to the store, and purchased a short one for 1.50 less than what I paid for the long one, and now I do not have a problem.

Low electrical current problems are regular... they burn up black boxes.

Electrical current spikes are not... or if they are, the black box stops them.

I have always used a laptop, the black box solves many current problems. However, I burn up 1-3 black boxes per laptop, they are easy enough to purchase if you own a HP, all the others brands on the market, well... good luck... hehehe

I try to purchase what is incredibly common, I do not purchase the one of kind computer. I must stay in business, special equipment, and you will not be able to repair it as a digital nomad traveler. A computer is a disposible tool, not my wife, it is to do business, I now purchase them for 300-400 dollars.

I have posted a Blog post every day for 10 years, there is a reason, I stay in business, this site is to help keep you running your digital business. And to keep you from buying hype... have fun.

Andy Lee Graham 14 years of perpetual world travel, while you sit at the desk, working for the man.

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