Traveler Standard Cell Phone is Dual SIM

It is time for digital nomads to buy a new cell phone for world travel. After January 1, 2014 we need to buy a Dual SIM, Quad Band, Unlocked cell phone.

"Travel long enough, go to enough countries, and you will dump your Apple Iphone, and buy a phone that work anywhere on the planet."
- Andy Lee Graham January 18, 2014

Dual SIM Phone

The time has finally arrived for the saavy digital nomad traveler to make the jump to Dual SIM cell phones. This is a cell phone that allows you to have two different phone numbers. Therefore, here in Natitingou, Benin West Africa, I would purchase both a Moov, and a MTN cell phone SIM card to stay connected 24/7.

The USA is Locked while West Africa is Un-Locked

The people of the world do not want freedom, they want to take sides, therefore they jump on board a brand name, and lock their choices away, and become anal retentive. This is the Apple in the USA, the Verizon, the CNN group, there is cliche world we live in, but we can escape.

This is the world outside of CNN, when you realize there is Al Jazeera.

This is the world after Verizon, Frontier, or ATT, when you learn of Tigo, Claro, MTN, Moov, and AIS.

This is world after you leave Europe, after Rick Steves, and long after the Lonely Planet becomes good only for maps.

There is a world where Trip Advisor is for "Enfants." (French Word.)

In the 1968 song, "Back in the USSR," the rock group the "Beatles," sang the words,

"Leave the West Behind."

Africa is Un-locked, Quad Band, Dual SIM, with some Chinese knockoff of an Android phone.

There is world where people do not take sides, where we can make a good choice, because it is indeed a good choice.

Why now? Dual SIM phones have been on the market for years?

The first adopters have finally driven the price down to a saavy purchase price. As a world traveler, I do not want to accidentally lose a 1000 dollar cell phone, instead I make practical choices, I buy phones that are disposable for the most part, I am not going to cry when the phone is broken, stolen, or lost. Falling in love with technology is fools gold, and endless brain spin.


If you travel long enough, enter enough countries, you will arrive in a country where you have no choice, your brain must be unlocked, it will be unlocked.

Buying a Dual SIM, Unlocked, Quad Band, Cell Phone for 25 bucks is a no-brainer decision, not a risk. 

And, why do you need dual SIM, when one company is down, the other can be up, and you can always make phone calls.


Andy Lee Graham in Benin
- I have both a Moov, and MTN USB Wirless modem chip for Internet, I am Dual SIM Modem, or "Cle" in French.


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I buy a 50 dollar per month Verizon recharge phone in Walmart inside the USA, the place is always a hassle.

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