Thailand Digital Nomad Traveler

Thailand from the point of a view of a Digital Nomad Traveler- I am Andy Graham a person who runs and manages an Internet business from the road.

It is November 2, 2012, and I am again in Bangkok, Thailand, and roaming around in the Khaosan Road area trying to optimize my ability to use the Internet. I would give Thailand 3 Stars on a 5 Star system globally, I am comparing Thailand to the 90 countries I have visited. Mainly because it still has 24 hour per day Internet Cafes, for emergency needs, this is a stay-in-business benefit.

Since the last time I was here, the majority of Hotels have started offering some form of Internet. And, while maybe five years ago only about 1 in 10 people had a computer or smartphone that used the Internet, now it appears to be 9 in 10 Hotel residents have a need for Internet access.

Thailand Digital Nomad Traveler

Bottom line, the "Internet WIFi" offered by Hotels inside the rooms sucks, although if you wanted to sit in the restaurant close to the router, it is probably good. They have overwelmed the systems, and it appears I am often sharing the connection with up to 50 other people.

One connection, but 50 people using, I am glad they have Smarphones and not computers or I would have nothing, It is 4:00 am in the morning, I have access inside my room, while at 7:00 PM there is no connection, or too slow to use.

Subscribers Gateway

I must ask the reception daily for a new username and password, I do this each day when I pay. I moved out of the BB House because the Internet went down for a day, this is not a good system for a business person. If for example I was in a small boutique Hotel, without a night receptionist, and forgot to get my new password, I would have to wait until morning to use the Internet. Fortunately, most of the Hotels on Khaosan Road have 24 hour receptionist.

gateway passwords

This is a screenshot of showing the number of usernames I now have accumulated in five days of living in a Bangkok, Thailand Hotel.

Warning: Some hotels only give you one hour tickets, but say you have 24 hour access. Therefore, you would need to go the desk and get a new ticket 24 times in one day --- "Thai Lie."

Next System - I will Buy an AIS Internet Modem Tomorrow



I will go buy this "aircard" as they call it in Thailand, I call it a USB Wireless Modem, or a USB Modem, but they call it an Aircard in Thailand. Note, this is the asking price, and I think at Pantip Plaza I can buy the modem for 1000 Baht, but I am not sure.

Modem Prices

This is the prices as extracted from this link below, being that 99 percent of Webmasters are marketing idiots, I would assume this link will break:

Anticipated Monthy Cost to Have Thailand Aircard Access?

1000 to buy the Aircard
 799 to buy the time on the Aircard

Totla in 1799 in Thailand Baht

1,799.00 THB = 58.5800 USD

Thai Baht ↔ US Dollar

1 THB = 0.0325625 USD

1 USD = 30.7101 THB



26 USD per Month after 30 Days in Thailand - 2012

This appears to be cheap enough, if I can indeed use with the AIS aircard. Note, this allows me also to save about 200 Baht per night on Hotels. instead of paying 450-500 for a room, I can now pay 200-300 Baht per night for a hotel or less, and live about anywhere I want.

Note, the Thailand Visa process has become onerous, and truly if I was going to live in Southeast Asia, I would live in Philippines, and maybe visit Thailand for two month when I wanted "Thailand." To set up a base in Thailand is a maze of visa and finance problems, every country changes the rules, this is not your "Home," and truly best to look at living abroad as great places to hang out, not for living.


Andy Graham on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand November 2012.

Note, as soon as buy the aircard, I will leave for Koh Pha Ngan the Full Moon Party beach, one of the best beaches on the planet.


Photos Thailand Digital Nomad Traveler

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