Taking Notes Using Cameras, Smartphones and Screenshots

Digital nomad travelers do not take notes we take photos because a photo remembers perfectly and 10 times more easily.

The only animal on earth that can take notes is the human species. Geniuses are not smarter; they remember to file their notes and retrieve them later. The monkeys on planet try to remember, fail, and never write their one book.

Genius Notes Digital Nomads


Video example of taking notes using screenshots:


Solar Pool Pump Controller

Notes taken with a camera, any camera.

Why I took notes on a camera? My friend was in a BIG hurry.

People, in general, are in a hurry, with no patience, or secretive. You know the guy: he shows you the secret of his success, which is not a big secret, but he just shows you for a second. This is when you take out your smartphone and take a photo or video. Then you put it on Facebook to reveal the big secret.

Solar Pool Pump Sans Batteries

I am in Sosua, Dominican Republic. This country has maybe the worst electric company on the planet, yet the best battery powered backups on the planet. Therefore, solar is popular in Sosua, and people store the electricity in 12 volt deep cycle battery that comes from either the electrical company grid or the solar equipment supplier.

But who wants batteries? They are expensive.

I visited the home of an American friend here in Sosua. The photo below is of his solar controller, which powers his pool pump. It only runs when sufficient electricity is generated from the solar panels on the roof of his house. And it does not use batteries to store electricity; it goes directly from the solar panel to the pump. The pump only runs when there is sufficient wattage being produced by the solar panels, and this controller somehow regulates the solar electricity. I found this fascinating.

But because my friend is a little finicky, an American who is always busy, too busy, with body language that says, "I am in a hurry, you need to leave,"
(often 24/7 body language for Americans), I pulled out my camera and took many photos of the device, thereby capturing great notes.

Saving Information Is Most Important

I am a successful digital nomad; I move, never stop traveling the planet. The challenge is to collect the information. Compile, digest, analyze and use later, maybe write a book to earn money. The goal is always to keep my files, photos and digital information forever, and never lose them because the computer crashes, or I lose a cell phone or accidently drop a smartphone on the cement.

Information is always more valuable than the smartphone, at least for us digital nomads, who have evolved higher than the monkeys.

These are not big boy toys. This is how we separate the men from the boys. Clever ideas beat money, guns and lawyers any day of the week.

Andy Lee Graham

Photos Taking Notes Using Cameras, Smartphones and Screenshots

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