Stop Losing Work with CTRL A and CTRL C

Have you type an e-mail for 20 minutes, then lost your e-mail? Learn to select the cell, then copy the cell quickly.

You can Stop Losing Your Work

You typed something, and you lost it!

I was typing a comment on the wall of, then went to search for the link to Tigo cell phones, when I came back, what I typing was gone.

Crap, my own site, and I lose work.

Here is the solution:

How to stop losing what you typed?


The bottom line is about the Internet and /or Web Sites:

1. Never trust the web site, never, they all have big problems.

2. Never trust your Internet connection.

Add the two problems together, and you will understand the brilliance of Facebook or Twitter.

What happens millions of times per day is this, I can be typing away on the computer, I am fast. Then I am finished with my work, I click save, it does not save, it gives me something like, you did not type the funky word in correctly.

The Solution is:

1. Place the cursor in the box.

2. Type CTRL A - This means select all.

3. Type CTRL C - This means copy all that is selected.

4. When you come back, and it is gone.

- Type CTRL V, this mean paste what you copied to where the cursor is located.

This is confusing, so here is three videos.

This means, select all!
Easier than the mouse...

Why is Facebook and Twitter brilliant?

They set up a system where they assume all people are dumb, they have dumbed it down to a point where you only want to type one sentence.

Users do not get angry when they lose one sentence.

Uses do not expose themselves as stupid when they only need to do one sentence.

Users seldom lose information, the experience is good.

The problems is this, you cannot really learn much from one sentence, therefore is the educational value of Facebook or Twitter is not on the site, it has to be a link leaving the site.

A good digital normal traveler is going to study human behavior, and try to understand how to de-glitch human problems. The majority of techs who design pages are rather brilliant, and they refuse to test what they do

Bottom line, if I write something, or make something, to do a perfect job, I need a second opinion. But even when I ask for help, you have the arrogant know it all who live to beat me up, or the person who is afraid to hurt my feelings.

You need to find testers for a web site, people who can click on ALT PRT SC and copy the page, and send with markup explaining the problem.

You can steal any photo on the Internet with ALT - PRT SC.

ALT Print Screen.

Note, I have no use for Tablets, because I can type with all ten fingers, and why would I want to slow myself down? My goal is to get the work done, so I can go visit with NON digital friends, ones that truly can be my friend.


Andy Lee Graham in Guatemala


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