Protect Computer from Beer And Coffee

Video explaining how Andy Lee Graham the Digital Nomad Traveler keeps coffee, beer, and soft drinks etc. away from his computer keyboard.


True Digital Nomads cannot go Home to Buy a New Computer


Yes, we stop in to the USA or Europe to visit, but if your computer breaks while on a run of Africa, you are in big doo doo. This video below explains how I keep my computer safe from liquids.


Andy Lee Graham

Liquids in computer

I made a mistake in system controls today, here in San Pedro, Guatemala and accidentally wave this bottle of mouthwash above my computer.

This reminded me about this travel tip, so I made the video below explaining my system for keeping my computer safe from liquids.


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Yes, I get more done if I work in the morning, plus the Internet is faster. Normally, I am sharing the connection with other people in the Hotel, so they are sleeping. Plus the telephone bandwidth decreases later in the day as people use their phones. As a nomad traveler there is a lot of temptation during the day to not work, so better to get it done early, before the temptation starts as a traveler. Thanks Andy Lee Graham

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