Prepaid Cell Phone Thailand

Video explaining how to set up a prepaid cell phone in Thailand.

This is a video explaining cost of buy a SIM card, where to buy, how to back up contacts, install SIM card, activate, buy time, and to tape new number on the back of phone.


AIS Thailand


Thank you,
Andy Graham on Khaosan Road in Bangkok Thailand
October 27, 2012

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Welcome to Thailand! Where everyone will tell you how welcomed you are!


Your auto-focus on your camera makes for terrible videos. Did you get a new camera or just turn on the auto focus? I suggest you turn it off for videos that dont require you to walk around... IMHO


The weather is fine. The rains have stopped and the temperature is down a little.
On the topic of mobile carriers though, Bangkok is in the pits. Compaired to next door Cambodia, the price for calls is really high. Dont even think about getting 3G. All the services are ripoffs and dont deliver as promised. With my iPad, I find myself relying on wifi.

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