Portable Recharger for iPad and Blackberry Smartphones

My friend showed me the brand name MyCharge portable battery recharger for iPad and Blackberry smartphones. It was good for three battery refills.

My friend, Joe, is on the beach using a “MyCharge” brand recharger on his iPad here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. He purchased it at Best Buy for 100 USD, more or less. It is small enough to carry and simple to use.

Ipad Recharge

Truly, the best way to recharge a smart phone is to have 4-5 extra batteries that can be recharged outside the phone. However, the iPad does not allow you to remove the battery, which is sort of weird to me. I believe they do not want users to have the ability to screw things up.

Personally, I am thinking about the Samsung Galaxy with an Android operating system. It seems to be the savvy, get-the-job-done device. But I do not need to be connected to the Internet while on the beach. There is a time when enough is enough of digital living, and the brain needs space to relax.

I do not see many people who will pony up the money to have extra batteries. And I consider it intriguingly humorous to see executives in airports fighting for an electrical plug because they are too cheap or disorganized to keep their cell phones charged correctly.

A suit does not make a person intelligent, and to me, it often means something different. To think: They choose, of their own free will, to dress up in a suit all day.  Westerners think the people in Africa have strange clothing, but what is up with the tie, like a thin French scarf. ...

Andy Graham, me, a digital nomad, is here on the beach of Sosua while the rest of the boys are in the USA working. Go figure!

It is August 2013, and this post is time sensitive. Maybe in the next year, someone will sell a battery powered smartphone that lasts five days on a charge. Then this recharger brand will be out of business.

Staying organized as a digital nomad is knowing the limits of our brains and not taxing them to the point that we are angry and confused, blurring our decisions. To me, my frugal lifestyle is always better here on the beach than others’ rich-in-possessions, wage-slave USA lost life.

Members, log in now and let me tell you how these crazy boys in Sosua use their iPads. It is funny and annoyingly cliché. (Google will punish me in the rankings if I post it here.)

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Photos Portable Recharger for iPad and Blackberry Smartphones

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I never worry about missed calls or dead batteries. I do my best to keep things charged up as needed but I lose no sleep if something isnt working all the time.
I figure if I miss a call and its important they will either leave a message and/or call back.
As for my lap top, IPad whatever may be on them will wait.
I refuse to be a 24/7 slave to all the electronics. My adult kids are always on both their cells and lap tops/IPads.
I have more important things to do, like actually read a good book, play a game of chess, walk on the beach with the dog, etc.

Now I do have one caveat to this rule, gee Im addicted to this site.


Eventually, there will be electronic guidebook to replace the lonely planet, and I can see people not having a charge after a 10 hour bus trip. Paper is paper, and it works, but some people do indeed need 24/7 connections.

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