Tijuanna, Mexico.. broadband and dental info, and best wishes

Tijuanna, Mexico. Getting your teeth fixed to world class standards for 25 percent of US prices, hotels, crossing the border.

Greetings fellow adventurers....I will cut to the chase.   Im 70 and can't afford dentistry prices in the US,  I live in the San Francisco Bay area...on the street in a not so bad class A motorhome... with a decent income from Social security and consulting on line... I can go anywhere in the world and do that.    I have extra batteries in the motor home, so I can stay on line without draining the laptops,  4 laptops...Im on wireless broadband.    I frequent Starbucks etc but use mostly my own broadband.

Two of the computers are net books.. i finally got used to the small screen, its fine now, 5 hour battery life, and pack a lot easier than my big Dell computers.   You need at least 2... when one dies you are not screwed that way.    I try to back up most of my stuff on thumb drives.  the laptops hand from cord through the hinge from the cabinet  doors above my bunk... I can type laying on my back.. not such a bad way to make a living.


So I went to Tijuanna to see a recommended dentist.. turned out to be better than most US dentists Ive used, his prices 25% of US prices.. He lives in San Diego, his office is in Tijuanna.. many other dentists are half of his prices, but I wouldnt recommend those for caps or crowns, not bad for fillings in an emergency though.   His caps and crowns are world class, he guarantees his work for a year.    He's first at tijuannadentist.com.    there are other good dentists in tijanna as well, best to get a reference first.

the La Quinta Hotel (not the chain) is immaculately clean painted yellow.  $23 a night, a block south. both with street noise which I don't mind, La Quinta with spotty internet service...and several $1/hr internet cafe's close by... standard cab fare is $5 anywhere in TJ for tourists... $2 is acceptable if you offer it for 2 to 5 mile trips.

The not so good looking places, $15 to $20/ night no internet.  High end hotel, single cheapest room $50 a best western, 8 stories.  Restaurants not at all cheap.. the street vendor taco's and sea food cocktails, superb... $1 for a fat meaty chicken taco.


Warning if you just walk into Carls JR. etc. you can log into their broadband, but when you get home, about a month later, a huge bill from the Mexican broadband people will appear as a charge on your US broadbrand bill... so take Andy's advice.. get a local broadband account or use the hotels etc.

same with cell phone useage..but at least you get a warning notice that you are roaming etc.   not so with some of that broadband.

At the Burger king I got their passcode and logged in there at no charge, just the price of a lunch.

Im  sure prices are better inland. US fast food chain prices same as US.


My last trip across the border on foot, over the bridge there, was at night, while the Federales, US govt and drug gangs wire fighting it out 3 blocks to the east... I was alone.     I took a $5 cab to my hotel, no reservation.. met my favorite receptionist there who was raised in the US but got kicked out in some kind of tax sting.. cost her $100k.. a long wet black haired beauty with milk white skin..and a bit wired and dark looking when I  first met her 4 years ago when she was still fuming.... we talked, she had seen the worst of the worst, things so vile I will not mention them here in order to spare the reader those images.....now, she is more relaxed.  30 lbs heavier...I helped her with some dental work.   she probably thinks Im a narc. as an American i felt I owed her somthing.    

She makes $300-400 peso's a month... called dollars also in TJ.. to confuse the tourists most likely.   You see appartments in TJ for $300+/month.. I'm betting thats actually peso's..? on that basis.  10 peso's to the dollar at that time.   So that would put her rent in the 250 to 300 peso range per month, leaving her little or nothing to live on and that seems to be the case...  the locals do indeed lie about prices.. a bit hard to fathom that entire mix.

As you can see Im pretty fuzzy on all that, but it aligns with what our Hobo buddy Andy Graham says, its a broad scale conn...and rents advertised to americans can be 10 times higher than what some will accept... but apparently not in a heavy tourist trap with this price spin totally entrenched.      So study all that up big time before you go.

Regarding body language, hand signals and etc.  I've found it works pretty well.


Crossing the border.  I recommend park on the US side, take the 'red trolly' to the border, and a cab from the border to your destination unless you have a secure destination with parking and mexican insurance.   I would not take an expensive car.


I am currently building a piece of equipment to advertise my skills and capabilities with, that will be finished in 6 or 8  months.. then its going on my range of web sites.  that will land me some on site consulting and more on line and phone consulting which should enable a fun international  hobo life style.. maybe i will die of old age falling off of a sushi bar stool in Rangoon or somewhere.  One can only hope.

Wish me luck.

... good travels and I wish you the very best of the best in life and good health... may we meet again.. in Rangoon, or Fiji, or ...






















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