Overheating Computer is a Dirty Computer

A digital nomad traveler needs to have his or her laptop computer cleaned, or the computer will overheat, you do not need to buy a new computer.

If your laptop computer is overheating, the number one reason is because lint and  dust has built up around the fan. You do not need to buy a new computer, and the cost to clean in most cheap countries, about 85 percent of the planet is 10-20 USD.

I purchased a new one in the USA for many reasons, and the cost of repairs in the USA made the computer disposable. When I decided to travel to Ivory Coast, Africa and see my girlfriend Bah, I thought to myself,
"I will take the computer to Thailand, have it cleaned at Pantip Plaza and give it to Bah as a gift."

I paid 2000 Baht, about 50 USD to have the old laptop cleaned, and a new keyboard installed.

800 to clean, and 1200 Baht for the keyboard. 

Many people blame the problem on the AMD processor, I think the overheating problems is 99 percent of the time just a dirty computer.

Overheating Computer


Andy Graham near Soi 13 in Sukumvit Thailand visiting Steve at the Trendy Condos.

Photos Overheating Computer is a Dirty Computer

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