Monitor Your Bandwidth Use Before You Choose a Digital Nomad Destination

How much bandwidth do you use? How much do you need to work as a digital nomad, or location independent.


I am a little worried about Americans wanting to be "Digital Nomads," because I spent three months in the USA, I was able to download 700 megs in less than 30 minutes. However, the same bandwidth with a torrrrrrent overseas in cheaper countries can take up to seven hours.

I am normally happy if works reasonably well, but reasonably well may not work if you are support staff that answers questions over the Internet.

The job is going to determine your bandwidth needs
Your ability to be patient, after having a super fast connection for years.

Buying a High speed Connection Abroad will stop you from being a digital nomad.

To be nomadic, to be a location independent worker, you do not get to rent an apartment for six months, or arrange, and pay for high speed connections abroad. Yes, you can say,
"It is only temporary."
But you lie to yourself, you need to think about USB Wireless Internet Modems, and how to choose a hotel or apartment on a month to month basis that already has a high speed connection you share.

How much bandwidth do use daily?

Check with this program:

NetWorx – Free Bandwidth Monitoring and Usage Reporting


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