MiFi is a compact wireless router that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that provides internet access to any WiFi enabled device.

MiFi is a line of compact wireless routers produced by Novatel Wireless that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. MiFi stands for 'My Wi-Fi'. The MiFi can be connected to a mobile phone (cellular) carrier and provide Internet access for up to 5 devices. The MiFi works at a distance up to 10 m (30 ft) and will provide Internet or network access to any WIFI enabled peripheral device.  

The first MiFi device was introduced in the U.S. in May 2009 by Novatel Wireless, and Novatel owns a registered trademark on the "MiFi" brand name in the U.S.


Advantage for Digital Nomad

This is an alternative to a USB wireless modem, that looks like a flash drive. Therefore with the MiFi you do not have to plug and unplug the USB chip or dongle to the side of your laptop. You can carry thing in your pocket like a pack of cigarettes, and always have an Internet connection.

My fear is losing it, a USB modem is small enough to carry in your pants pocket, while there is a temptation to not put this device in your pocket. The more lose pieces, the more likely you are to forget an leave on the table in a restaurant or meeting table.

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Dear Andy, thanks for the Info of this neat little and very handy gadget. Especially when travelling it becomes an essential necessity. However, I would like to pass on a possible lifesaving warning I received recently about the health issues of any wi-fi, cell phones,cordless dect phones and practically all electronic gadgets as well as a long list of other electrically operated Items. More about these health issues are explained in Wikipedia under: EMR or electro magnetic radiation. Those people who dont know,or never heard of such, should urgently inform themselfs, as I have only just now learned myself, after getting a MRI scan done,(Magnetic Resonance Image scan) which showed some damage to fine blood vessels in my brain. Experts say, this most likely was caused by my home wifi which I used for the past 4 years, about 12 hours every day, running often 3 computers as well es a large screen TV connected to the Internet via wi-fi. I am very thankful to my doctor who made me aware of this great health risk to become a candidad of getting Alzheimers decease. My immediate action was to disconnect all wi-fi in the house and reconnect everything with hard-wired cables instead.
If anyone is not convinced, read a book called Dirty Electricity by author Donna Fisher, published by Joshua Books ( JoshuaBooks.com )It may be the most important book you ever read,it is already saving lives, and who knows maybe it can even save yours too ?


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