Example of How to Map WIFI Internet Connections, Northeast Indiana

Example of how to map free Wi-Fi internet connections in northeast Indiana: 1 Starbucks, 2 Panera breads and 6 McDonalds.com, free Wi-Fi possible

World travelers moving from country to country learn to map out Wi-Fi connections before they arrive at a new destination.

Free WIFI connections USA

Map of Working Digital Nomad Working Area of Andy Graham

This is a real example of how a digital-nomad situation is being managed. Please note, one must accept that nothing is routine – every day is radically different – be prepared.

I am Andy Graham, world traveler, and I just returned from Togo, West Africa to Orland, Indiana. My father has been in the Lakeland Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitiation Center in Angola, Indiana, for about two weeks. Then yesterday, the Lakeland Center had a fire. The nurses evacuated my father to the local school gymnasium for the night. My mother and I received a telephone call. We discharged him, and he is now in the Kendallville Manor Health Care facility in Kendallville, Indiana. The Kendallville Manor is 10 times better: It is older and has sound procedures and systems working. A new hospital is not necessarily better; new ideas are not always good business.

To be able to blog daily and to communicate with my partner on Skype.com, I need to hop on connections when possible and work on my Internet sites. The health care for my father is more important than work, so priority number one is my father. Yet, to continue earning money, working is the goal.

Long-term readers know that I have written missives daily for over 10 years, seldom missing one day.

This is business. It is not a game – it is real. And for people wishing to be highly effective, today I am explaining how I do it.

How do I make this map?

Steps to Mapping Wi-Fi

1. Go to Google Maps: maps.google.com

2. Log in with a Gmail.com username and password.


3. Click on "My Places."

4. Click on "Create Map."

Wi-fi map

5. Write a title to the Wi-Fi map.

6. Click on "Saved."

7. Search for Starbucks, McDonald's, Panera or other places you know have Wi-Fi nationwide in the USA.

Save to WIFI map

8. "Save to map."

Keep searching, and you can find others, and eventually you have a clear idea of where the free Internet Wi-Fi routers are located. The amount of gas and time you save is well worth the search: Here in Indiana, today, it is 4.24 USD per gallon!

To be an effective, efficient digital nomad is the goal, and we hope to never hear an employee say, "I did not have a connection."

This is the actual Internet Wi-Fi map created, and I can keep adding new, better connections, and others could collaborate. Often, there are localized Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops with better conditions.

Please be aware that you should always plug your computer and cell phones in when possible. It is better to always have them connected than to run them completely down, then have to search for a plug.

They evacuated my father, and many of the nurses were standing around with deathly ill patients and dead cell phones. Sometimes, this is a life-and-death problem and not just fun and games.

View Digital Nomad Northeast Indiana in a larger map.


Andy Graham 

Photos Example of How to Map WIFI Internet Connections, Northeast Indiana

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A good resource for finding wifi is
For example, after typing angola, indiana into the search box at the top right of the page, it shows 11 hotspots (library, McDonalds etc) in Angola alone, and many more in nearby towns.


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