Apple Computers do not Work for Digital Travel, You Need a PC

Mac or Apple products do not work for Digital Nomad traveler, you will not be able to get them repaired, or updated as a real nomad.

I want Apple users to get extremely mad at me, maybe you think, running a business, being a real digital nomad is not a game, it is a business. 

I truly should be magnanimous when talking with Apple users, in the last 2-5 years, I have learned to keep my mouth shut, at least 99 percent of the time. Sadly, wisdom, value, knowledge, and actual feet on the ground experience is now being ignored by the mob, or in approximately the last five year of my travels people have all people hae become experts, is it is frightening, nobody has respect for the real experts.

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I need to use a computer, it is not a want, it is a need, it is my business, if my computer was dropped, and broke, I would need a new one quickly. Yes, I can get the job done anywhere on the planet, and if needed, I can work inside an Internet café when needed. But, when you need to use a computer, the PC world is 100 times better than the Apple world, it is not even a question mark.

I am truly a traveler, I am not just using my computer to go to work on the train to work, I have carried a computer to 90 countries, I have used one daily to write over 6500 travel post, in 14 years of perpetual travel. I am not joking, I am the worlds longest digital nomad traveler, this is not blowing smoke up your skirt.

I am always tempted to say,
"Apple users are idiots."
If you walked up me with an Apple computer here in Guatemala, I would make a judgment about your computer skills, and intelligence, and again, I would have to be magnanimous.

I believe Apple users have a need to be part of fashion, trends, they are good candidates to by a Mercedes, because it has more bragging rights than a Volvo.

When you buy a computer, try to buy benefits, and truly do not listen to what the mob recommends, they are seriously wrong, you can use an Apple product in the USA, but not as a true digital nomad, it is an extremely expensive, and not thought out choice to use Apple products.

Wade Shepard wrote everything you need to know today about Apple products, and I am proud of him, he is willing to tell you the truth, regardless of the consequences. He has been out for about 8-12 years.
For Travel, Choose PCs Over Macs – Leave the Apple Products at Home


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