How we Set Up Live Web Cam With USB Modem Internet Access and Wireless Battery Operated Webcam

This is the projected configuration we plan to use to have a live web cam anywhere we want on the planet. Andy Graham of

I am Andy Lee Graham, I am the number one travel Blogger at I tend to think it would be fun for readers to see what I actually do with my life in real time. If I could carry with me a camera that broadcast what I am seeing, it would be reality TV at it best.

What type of Internet Access to use to Live Stream a Web Cam Live?
I studied for a long time, and decide that regular high speed Internet access by way of WIFI would be best, but hard to find just anywhere. The only truly mobile Internet access is with a USB Wireless Internet Access Modem.

USB Modem

This USB Chip is an antenna basically, it has a SIM card inside it that connects to the local Claro Cell Tower and feeds Internet access through it to my computer. It truly is the future of Internet access worldwide.

With this USB Modem, I can can boot up my computer, run it on battery, and then have Internet access as long as the computer battery last. Now, I could use the normal web cam on my HP computer for live streaming, but that is sort of inconvenient. I need to point my laptop at what I want to see, this does not work well, hard to point the camera correctly.

I can use a USB cable web cam, and have a remote one, but that only goes about 10 feet from the computer, I am still connected too closely to the computer base.

Creating a Computer Internet Base
What we plan to do right now, I will set up the computer in a safe location, in the shade, that is close to the target destination. We will have a base station where I connect to the Internet with the Claro Chip, If for some reason, there is WIFI from a restaurant or something available, then good also, But if not, in all countries on the planet I can buy a USB modem Internet access, more or less. Generally, this is the 3G or 4G network used that gives Internet access to Blackberries or Smart phones, it is the same signal, just accessed by USB modem.

After the Base is Set UP, we Connect up Battery Operated Web cam.
Wireless Webcam

This is a battery operated webcam, it send a wireless signal to the base or the the USB dongle, that collect the signal. Me and Andrew, my partner talked for 2.5 hours on about which wireless webcam could allow us to have a live webcam or live streaming the best. We want to put it anywhere we want, which is a challenge. I purchase it today, January 30, and it will be sent to Florida, and forwarded to Sosua, Dominican republic by mail fowarding of EPS here.

Truly nothing is explained sufficiently that tells us that spending 100 USD is going to achieve our goal. It is a gamble, the unit is suppose to have a range of up to 650 feet, but I think it I get 200 feet, I will be happy, and that will be line of sight with no walls.

But, I can have the Base computer unit sitting at a restaurant close to the beach, and walk with the battery wireless camera the remaining distance.

We are hopeful this will create a great reality experience for viewers.

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Photos How we Set Up Live Web Cam With USB Modem Internet Access and Wireless Battery Operated Webcam

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