List of WIFI in Hotel Problems

This is a list of problems you will encounter as a digital nomad world traveler, please add problems in comments.

1. Management turns off the router at night.

2. No way to reset the router, it is in a locked area.

3. The router only reaches the closest rooms.

4. The signal is shared by too many people, there is no bandwidth available because too many people are using.

5. There is only one router for the Hotel or Hostel.

6. Nobody know the password to the router, or maybe only the owner.

Subscriber gateway

7. The Hotel says, we have 24 hour Free Internet --- Then they give you one-hour username and password slips of paper. You must request a new one when finished, therefore impossible to have 24 hour Internet because the reception is closed. November 2012 - Black and White Hotel - Koh Phangan Thaialand.

8. There is a gateway page that needs permission.

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Improving WIFI with portable travel router the size of a usb stick

weighs 17g. Re-broadcast wifi for all your devices.
1. Ethernet internet to wifi for all devices
2. Locate it where good wifi signal and it re-transmits wifi. about 20M. Needs usb power so use mini apple cube charger $3 or a battery bank charger. Router can be located on adjacent room/floor if power point and you get strong signal in your room.
If signal from wifi source good at window or other location , repeat and boost the wifi signal for all your devices anywhere in your room.
3. If paying for wifi in airport or hotel u are allowed only one log in. plug the asus into your usb port on laptop for power, thru your web browser log into the paid service thru the Asus, then you have wifi to all your devices. Great way to make friends sharing your wifi -:)
4. You have your own private network for sending files between devices, since your using a router you have another level of security on public networks.
5. Fancy ultrabooks and macbook airs do not have a Ethernet ports anymore, plug Ethernet cable into asus and asus into usb on laptop to act as adapter.
6. Use as a WIFI receiver ( Because laptops have a poor WIFI antenna around the screen ) just plug into usb port of laptop. Can also have usb extension cable to move asus to best reception spot and have laptop where u want.
7. Has a private and Guest signal password protected, configurable.
8. Released in 2013 by Asus that makes laptops. I purchased in May 2013 Reliable and works very well.

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