List of Podcasts on Location Arbitrage Outsourcing or Online Stores Etc.

List Of Podcasts On Location Arbitrage Outsourcing Or Online Stores Etc

Here is the list I promised. They need a little explanation. The first one is my favorite, podcast about 2 guys in their late twenty's, one a trained designer, the other a humanities grad (philosophy, i think).

They started about 3 years ago and run a design and import business out of San Diego. they have a warehouse and all, they're up to over a million in sales, almost all online. they manufacture in China and the humanities guy handles website design, outsourcing, stuff like that. He's rarely in SD, though I think the other one is there more often. they started blogging about this and now have a group that you have to pay $30 a month to be in but it's full, I think, maybe 200 to 500 members, almost all of whom own expanding web businesses and hang around SE Asia. They are quite influential, i think. They have the below 2 websites, mostly pod casts. The first is up to 150 episodes so I can't even begin to suggest where you might start. I think i noticed then around number 18, so this has gone on a while.  

A few years ago they had the idea to hire an ambitious recent college grad and pay him $800 a month plus room and board to come out and work with them in Puerto Gallera, a beach hangout in the PI. They used him for web development, I think, and now he runs his own site as shown below. It was originally called Location 180 and was about ways people could drop out of the 9 to 5 and travel. It still is, I think, but he changed the name from to the eponymous name below. He is a golfer and according to his blog he is now at the Masters, a lifelong ambition he had to see. a.k.a Location 180

So then Ogle begat the next guy, Cody McKibben, currently in Thailand, more lightweight but he might have some good links. 

Next to show up were these two guy, who started a biz in Davao, PI, making and selling small websites based on Adsense. I'm not crazy about the business model but they have done quite well and are worth listening to.

Guy below runs a very successful online store, so I pay attention. 

I suspect you've heard os Simon Black but the blog is always worth a read. Not always right but certainly interesting. A West Point grad, by the way.

Finally, 2 guys that moved to China to get rich and seem to be heading in the right direction. They sell Oregon wine to the Chinese, who will drink anything if yoou can convince them it's expensive and classy. Good views on China, i think. Sheesh, Oregon wine?  

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