Kindle for Digital Nomad Travel

The Kindle is a nice electronic device, but only because I can download free books and worth 25-40 USD to me.

Approximately one year ago, I purchased the
"Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6 inch."

I have been in maybe five countries in the last year, and I am afraid to turn on the 3G wireless, or even to connect to a local WIFI signal, I do not trust
I wrote about why I purchased on: a year ago.

Digital Nomad

Shortly after I purchased it a year ago a notice appeared the Kindle when I clicked on the Home button, it said,
"Important Reminder about International --- Delivery Fees."
I clicked on the link, and it went nowhere, but the Kindle was not connected to the Internet, maybe I needed to pay to learn, how I need to pay.

Nonetheless, somewhere along the line I turned the 3G Internet on, and it now has 2-3 pages of ways 3G is NOT FREE!

Warning: It is too dangerous to use WIFI or 3G on a Kindle
In my opinion, is too tricky to be trusted because they can change their offers at any time; with my debit card connected.

Kindle Solutions:

1. I am going try to create a fictitious person on the Internet, and transfer ownership of the Kindle to the person - Not me, but me...

2. I will never buy another book on-line, kindle book, or anything that desires to sync with a the Kindle cloud.

3. I will only read free books on the Kindle.

I have downloaded 1000-3000 free e-books, and know how transfer from my computer to the Kindle. Therefore, I did not lose all the money I paid for the Kindle. I believe after I read 25 books on the Kindle, it will be worth the 139 USD I paid. Normally I pay 1-2 USD per used paper book purchased Internationally.

Today, is September 25, 2012

If today, I lost the Kindle, I would not buy a new one. The Kindle is not back-lit, therefore I cannot read it in the dark. Therefore, I will now start looking for a China made tablet, that is back-lit, that reads Kindle, Mobi and PDF books with a battery life of around 10 hours.

I leave for Africa in November of 2012, I will be in Ghana, Ivory Coast and hope to travel by land to South Africa. Books are heavy, and the Kindle is light, I will use it until the Kindle breaks, or the battery stops working.

What Tablet is needed to read books?

A back-lit book reader that cost less than 25 dollars, that can be connected to my computer. I would transfer books that I have downloaded from my computer to the reader.

I am not going to buy any books on-line with, but will continue to buy products, and have them sent to me in the USA, so I can pick them up when I pass through the country.

Please try to empathize, I live internationally, my locations changes radically, there any problems with companies in the USA, and I am screwed. It is not possible to just pick up the telephone, call, and believe they will solve problems for me. One problem, and I can spend 20 hours working on a solution, customer service is now for the most part a joke, too complicated to figure out, a maze of confusion.

Credit Card on File is Dangerous
I have learned that companies that keeps my Credit Card, or Debit Card on file, is not to be trusted.

This did not cost me money, but it could have....
A few of you remember when I was testing the Blackberry Smart phone for Verizon, and Verizon gave me free International service, and then one day they complained,
"Andy, you used 80,000 dollars worth of bandwidth!"
80,000 Dollar Verizon Phone Bill -- Bizarre End to my Review-of-Blackberry

Verizon up their fee from 70 USD per month, to 80,000 dollars for the same service.

Thank you,

Andy Graham on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
14 years of perpetual travel, and 90 countries.


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Generally I prefer to buy any electronic item and any other expensive item locally/face-to-face. That way if somethings goes wrong I can deal with a manager/owner directly. This has paid off for me quite a few times over the years.

I do purchase items on line and I deal with 3 basic sights and have only had one problem which was resolved by them.
My main 2 are Woot and 1 Deal which I have not had any problems with.

I bought my daughter a Kindle a while back and she loves it but never uses it for wi fi she has a lap top and Tablet for that, she uses it only for reading and has had no problems.
I will buy a new reader prior to my next air plane trip as when I drive in the U S I take books with me.

I have researched quite a few but Im still not sure which one I will eventually get.

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