Internet Connection Sharing Problem in Hotels

The number of people using the Internet has increased to staggering percentages, the connections are becoming very slow. September 2012

I have been a Digital Nomad now for 14 years, I am world travelers. When I started traveling, approximately 1 in 500 travelers was carrying a computer, and few people had cell phones.

Bandwidth Sharing

Today, roughly 80-95 percent of people have electronic equipment that uses an Internet connecton. Smartphones, tablets and computers are standard gear for travelers. There is a big shift in where people use the Internet, the Coffee shops with Internet access have an increase in users, and the Internet cafes are losing business. While, it is quickly becoming a standard option to have Internet inside a Hotel.

Hotel Owners are Not Internet Savvy
What is not standard is for the owners of the Hotel to be smart enough to provide ample connections and bandwidth to all Hotel residents. There is now a shortage of Bandwidth for Internet access in global Hotels. However, maybe 80 percent of the problem is Hotel owners offer WIFI for marketing, fully aware they have purchased the cheapest Interent connection, just to say they offer Internet.
(Slumlord Hotels)

September 7, 2012 - The Sharing an Internet Connection Problem

I am in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, in a small family ran Hotel with eight rooms. I think one is downloading movies using torrents 24 hours per day, he is just not willing to share, probably too stupid to know he is a Hog...

There is a bandwidth shortage, until he moves out, the problem will remain.

Entering an Expensive Hotel would Guarantee Worst Problems

I have attempted to explain many times to readers, friends, and colleagues that paying more money for a hotel will only increase your Internet connection problems. I am sharing the connection with eight room, if I went a larger hotel, I could be sharing the connection with 20-50 people, or more.

I accidentally has a tour of the one of the more expensive Hotels here in San Pedro yesterday, it truly is crap, WIFI is only provide for the roof top restaurant.

Shared with Family is Good
When I enter a Hotel, I look for two things, first does the owner, or the children use the Internet? If the owner, or the children of the owner are online, then the management will keep the connection working. If the management or the children are using, they will solve problems in a timely manner. If the owner, managers, staff or children are not using the Internet, than better to avoid the Hotel.

Large Hotels Seldom Have Interent in the Room

My Hotels in San Pedro, Guatemala with eight rooms has two WIFI routers, often a large Hotel will only have one routers, I must go around and look for WIFI routers, and rent a room close to the router, and closer to where the connection enter the building.

When you enter any Hotel, to optimize your connection, you need to count the number of people using, the number of connections, the number of routers, and how far your room is from the WIFI router. Then open up your computer, and call somebody on to check the Internet connnection. Never trust a Hotel owner, they will also say,
"We have a great connection."
"We have never been robbed."
And it is always possible to have one user hogging bandwidth, and there is theft in every hotel on the planet.

Paying More for a Room is Not a Solution

The more I pay, the more room in a hotel, the worst the Hotel is for a Digital Nomad. At the end of the day, I must access the Hotel situation, adapt, and sometimes change Hotels. It may be counter intuitive to wanna be Digital Nomads, or the Location Independent groups, big and more expensive is the wrong way to go. I 100 percent recommend you look for cheap, small, family run hotels with hopefully less than 10 rooms. It is the optimal Hotel decision.

Many people will say, I am will go to a coffee shop, that is fine, but serious Internet business owners knows this method is the recipe for failure.

Big Bandwidth Problems



3. Movie downloads

Facebook, E-mail, Twitter are Not Problem Users

This is the type of user I like to see, the people playing on Facebook 24 hours per day, they are not normally smart enough to do much more. But they can be large users of, but not normally smart enough to download movies.

I am quite sure Apple is going to cause me huge problems as a Digital Nomad, this cloud things allows simply in the head users to become bandwidth hogs and download movies.


I do not believe Hotels worldwide will adapt as fast as bandwidth needs increase, Digital Nomads who run serious business ventures need to access each hotel, count connections, users, and location of Hotel room. Then be ready to move when there is a bandwidth hog that enters the Hotel.

I believe that the USB wireless modems with 4G and 5G will explode, and that Interet access with these modems will become standard world wide.

Wireless Modems

This is a wireless USB modem I used in an Internet Cafe in Kenya, Africa, I purchased about eight of them now in my life.

They cost about 10 USD worldwide, and about 5-8 GIGS of transfer is 30 USD per month, except for the over-developed countreis like the USA, Europe and Australia, they force you pay astronomical fees for what is cheap for 85 percent the planet, but expensive for the locals.

The Telcom or Telephone companies outside the USA and Europe are ramping up Internet access through cell towers at what feels to be 10 time faster than USA companies. It is hard to find a dead cell spot in Thailand.

I believe in the next two years, I will stop looking for Hotels with WIFI, and just buy wireless USB modem Internet access as Apple makes Bandwidth Hogs out of their Tablet users on the cloud. Warning, this is just a way to put a tether around your neck, and pay for debt bondage with your credit card.

Apple has convinced the world to accept debt bondage with the cloud, and their tablets, and will soon start collecting huge fees.

However, for me, the pre-paid USB modem, outside the USA will still work for the next 20 years until they put a credit or debit card into the hands of ever human on earth.



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