In 2013 It Is Impossible to Leave the USA Completely

How can I leave, when anyone in the USA has the ability to call me?

In 2013 it is Impossible to Leave the USA Completely

How can I leave home, when anybody at home can pick up the phone and call me, text me at all hours of the night? The wrong people have figure this out, and the correct ones believe that,
“Andy is out of the country, I cannot call him.”

My body has been out traveling the world, outside the USA moving about the world for over 15 years as of March 1, 2013. Slowly, my friends and family are learning to pick up the phone and call me, but not as much as I want.

Andy Profile Gadget

I Started Traveling 15 Years Ago
15 years ago, when I started to travel the world, it was obnoxiously complicated, confusing, and costly to call home. Nobody could call, write, or contact me, my Mother, my friends, my old girlfriends or those tiresome bill collectors could not nag me, and one could escape easily. Contact was one-way, I needed to contact them, and they could not contact me. All that has changed in the last couple of years, it is now a two-way street, it is open, and as soon as the world learns the barriers to international communications have fallen the world will meet the world.

2013 --- I have a USA telephone number that rings on my computer, anytime I am connected. Which since about 2011 has almost been 24/7 for 365 days per year. When I do not answer, it goes to voice mail. Anyone in USA can call me super easy, but they do not, their beliefs on what is possible has not caught up with reality. Anyone can call anyone on the planet cheap and easy in 2013. My whole family, all University graduates, do not call me, my friends in Fort Wayne, are all worried about the price, it will cost too much, there is a knowledge lag.

Well, nobody in Africa believes their soul is stolen with a photograph in 2013, and the cost of International calls is either free or 2 cents per minute in 2013.

International Business Communications
Skype is the standard system, however, the USA people have not figure this out yet, the first adopters in the USA are online, and it is starting to be mainline, but the USA people do not need while 99 percent of other countries do. Verizon and ATT slowed the USA Skype progress, by giving nationwide free calls they slowed global business for the USA, they hampered the knowledge of international communications.

The USA is behind Africa in knowledge, and radically behind Asia, the average person in the USA knows less about how to call internationally than a Mexican, Peruvian, Thai, or West African, it almost funny, except we the USA are supposes to be the leaders in technology. The USA business person can be called by a China person, but they do not know how to call China. China can reach inside the American business model, and play around, but the average business major in the USA does not know how, and worst yet, does not think it is a needed skill, why would we want to call to China?

My Daily Call to Andrew on the Sub-Continent
Monday through Friday, at about 9:00 AM Africa time, I talk with Andrew my partner in India, about 3:00 PM. But, if he is not on Skype, and I cannot talk for free, I can call his cell phone or text message him using Skype. I think Yahoo and Gtalk offer about the same service, just not popular. When I want him online, I text him and say, go online…

Ghana Footballer Wanted my Skype
When I was on the plane coming here, a football, (soccer) player wanted my Skype, this has seldom happened with locals. Yes, I exchange is with other foreigners, but locals, well, they have been too slow, not up to speed. This footballer was up to speed, connected and I needed to block him, I did not want to talk with him, not really, I was just being nice, or stupid.

Unwanted International Calls Examples:
Presently, January 28, 2013 I am in the city of Atakpame, Togo and unwanted people call me.

Guatemala Calls Me to me International:
I am not sure what I did, but when I was in Guatemala, it appears I gave my USA telephone number to Claro, the telephone company. They make cold calls, trying to sell me something, it is a recorded call, and happens one time per month.

Anytime Fitness Calls Me Internationally:
When I was in traveling in the USA, I signed up with Anytime Fitness, an easy to sign up, impossible to stop Money Company. They set up auto-payment systems, and the contract was to end after 3 months, unless I sent them notice.

It is impossible to give them notice, I am going to have to file a small claims suit against them to get them to stop, send them a deluge of certified letters.

One of my best friends, who are also my banker, keeps shutting them Anytime Fitness bank withdrawal off, we sent a signed paper letter to stop, and I gave her the original to hold, with the contract. But, I am just a telephone number, and their collection jerks call, and when I call the actual Anytime Fitness in Georgetown, Fort Wayne, Indiana, they do not pick up. Agh USA clever business at it worst or best, they prey on client, sign them up, and make it impossible to stop paying. (Except for me, I have a friend at the Bank.)

I am always online, but I do walk away from my computer. I give my really good friends my African cell phone numbers, sometimes I update my profile with it, and then, anyone can call.

The African girls know, text me, and I call back. I text Andrew my business partner, and he goes online so we can talk for free, we are always in contact.

On my profile, a person can see where I am located presently and learn my local Togocel Phone number here in Atakpame, Togo West Africa. You can do the same, you can show a map of your location with your present number, or leave it blank, and out of contact.

I change local country number every 1-3 months, so my “Present Number” will not work in a month. The people I stay in contact with for years or business clients get my number, which follows me anywhere.

The Hobo Profile Goal
The goal is this, when I change locations, all my friends, all the people that follow me, will get an update, saying Andy is now in Benin, West Africa, and here is his new number.

What a windfall for parents wanting to follow, catch, and stop their children in Europe, doing for sure, what they are worried they would do.

My Gadge Profile - Andy Graham

It is fun, except when the call me at 3:00 am in the morning, and are oblivious that time zones exists.

I cannot hide from people at home, and you cannot hide from me, the idea of meeting in person is highly overrated. Generally, when I was at home, I was only with my best friends once per month. All my good friend are married, with children, some of them called me 2-3 times a week, and they can do that now, they just do not know it yet.

In so many ways, it is impossible to leave someone, when they can contact me anytime they have the fancy. They can force there way into my world, which to me, is great.

In the world, there has started and urbanization landslide, all the people living rural areas are moving to the city, and migrating internationally.

What happens is this, the start communicating with their friend who left for the city. He or she, says,
“Let’s go.”
“Come visit.”
“Yes there is a job.”
“There is a big party this weekend.”

One day, the person in the countryside says, it is boring here, I am moving to the city. This constantly tickling, nagging, reminding was difficult 15 years ago, still a problem five years ago, but in 2013, you do not leave home, you just relocate your body. Your mother knows you can call here 5 times per day to check in.

Check out of the USA, and then check into the USA, you will realize you did not really leave.

Thank you
Andy Graham in Atakpame, Togo
5 Hour AHEAD of New York or Indiana.

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I solve my cell phone problem easily. I turn it off and then at times check my voice mail. I figured out a long time ago that there is little of importance that it cannot wait or they will call back.
Of course people whos business relies on it cannot just turn it off and people who constantly worry about friends, family and emergencies (accidents, other medical or whatever) rely on instant communication.
I never did that because I thought that what could I do anyway on a phone except give my sympathy.
Of course thats probably why so many people over the years cut me off of their lists.
Hummm, I knew there was a good reason I did that.

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