I Traded the Phone for Email and Now Worst Than Before

I wanted the phone to stop ringing, but now I realize the never ending contact from an Internet business is worst.

I now spend more time dealing with situations than before, and typing takes more energy than talking.

Clueless in Columbus
That was the name on the first business e-mail I ever received, it happened 16 years ago when I was a Real Estate Broker. What I thought was a dream business started 14 year ago, but it to has never ending people wanting to contact me, and this groups feel they have the right to be rude.

My Dream Business
I wanted the 100 plus phone calls per day to stop, there was never any peace being a successful Real Estate Broker. The better the business, the more fatigued I become, and after 14 year a Broker, I stopped, and took a sabbatical of sorts.

I went to Acapulco, Mexico, and lived on beach called Pie de la Cuesta, and plotted and planned, worked, thought, mused until I broke out and started earning money 2-3 years later.

My goal was to stop having clients contact me, but to earn money.

Gong, I did not achieve that goal, or maybe I have and just do not know it.

There are Three Main Hassle of an Internet Business.

1. E-mails from friends.

2. Comments on Blog

3. Never-ending need to improvise or die, adapt or die, thanks to Google, the monopoly who all webmaster must worship or die.

I have never complained about Spam, it seems as pointless as complaining about junk mail, I just need to accept it exist. I am sure for a slow reader though, it is truly painful.

I believe when a person designs a digital nomad type business, they need to somehow make all e-mails disappear, except for people who want to advertise.

Strangely, people who call you, people who write me e-mails believe they are doing me a favor by asking questions.

There is a e-mail newsletter company called "Constant Contact." And the truth is this, that is the last thing the world needs.

I have put filters that send all inquires to the trash, that means no reading of comments, no e-mails, all information comes from me, and none comes back.

I have closed off constant contact with the cyber community, and truly feel free again. Now, to see if my new found relaxation makes being a digital nomad writer fun again.

Andy Lee Graham, unhooking from the never-ending noise of the Internet. I have never been truly connected, but there is nothing rewarding about having people contact me that I do not know. I do not want attention, I want friends that I can evaluate, and make a decision as to whether to continue.

This is the problem with cyber friends, there is no subtle way to say goodbye, there is a need to do something aggressive, like not answer, or filter, or block, that is not a good Karma thing.

Andy Lee Graham

Design your Internet business whereby you do not receive e-mails.

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