I Like Money, So I Answer the Phone

This is a true story about just how stupid the world is getting because nobody answers the phone, then businesses fail, and people lose their jobs.

The following is a true story ...

I am Andy Lee Graham, a person who wanders the planet as a digital nomad. I have been doing this for 15 years and have lived in 90 countries.

Obama and putin

Last week, I wanted to call a solar panel business at my current location, Sosua, Dominican Republic. So I found a company on the Internet, but the company did not have a phone number on the website or a name or an address. What a pain in the butt! OK, so I decided to email the company. I filled out the contact form, gave my name and telephone number, and wrote that I want to buy a solar panel, 6 x 24 inches, for a malaria project in Africa.

Andy Lee Graham
+1 849 262 2883 Dominican Republic Number
+1 260 624-4414 USA number that forwards anywhere on planet

The owner wrote me an email back quickly, and I was happy. He included his telephone number. OK, I thought to myself, I gave him my number, so it would be nice – if he really wants my business – if he would call me. I have been doing business for 25-plus years, and I am used to people making me work to buy … but there is always hope.

Oh well, this is normal; I must force people to make money in the modern world, so I called him.

I called him at 8 a.m. No pick up.

I called him at 10:30 a.m. No pick up.

I thought about it around 2 p.m., and I called him again.

I called for 2-3 days and finally wrote another email to him:

Hello Sir,

I believe you are caller id(ING) each call, and if you do not know the number, you do not pick up, and you do not have voice mail. (Voice mail can eventually make them feel guilty enough to return a call.) 

PLEASE add my name, Andy Graham in your telephone, and answer the phone when you see my name.

He put my name in his phone, I think, because he answered when I called next.

On the phone, I said, “Where is your office? Can I come right now?”

"Call me later," he said.

"Not a problem,” I replied, “I will call you later.”

But I was thinking to myself: "Yeah, I’ll call when Hell freezes over. You are an idiot. You do your damned best to never sell your solar panels."

Again, this is a true story!

I am Andy Lee Graham, and all those numbers of mine above are real. Why do I post them? Because I accept one call from anyone; I like money, and I like friends. Plus, Skype gives me this wonderful ability to block the "I never want to talk to you again” people. 

Listen, business people of the world, I don't want to Facebook you, text you or email you and not get an answer. And I would prefer you talk on the phone. I want to ask you a bunch of questions so I can buy your products. So, give me at least one open door.

Or keep making business inconvenient, and you can sit there wondering why you are broke while I am out here traveling the planet.

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Some people are idiots. But some are dishonest as there was a case nearby where they discovered the business was laundering money and could care less about real buyers.
We have a lot of that here as this is one of the top 3 counties in Calif/the whole country for weed.


This is one reason I try to get people to call me. For example, a person from Nigeria can set up a website, even get a number in the USA with Skype, and a mailing address in Arizona. The get an American proofreader to edit the site, make a good song, and sell products with videos they stole.

They can fake the whole things.

While, them faking being an Indiana farm kid is rather impossible, and truly the tone of voice is body language.

I will never forget the movie the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and the lady says, I want to go to the Hotel in the brochure.

Dealing with real people, talking with real people is a skill that children, wive, husbands, everyone needs. We are hiding from people by using the Internet as an escape, the Internet is an enhancement to great life, not a great life.

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