Easy Trick to Remember Our Cell Phone Numbers

Stop searching for your cell phone number. This simple travel tip allows any digital nomad to remember the number, 100-percent guaranteed cell phone trick

“So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.” – Bertrand Russell

verizon cell phone number

As world travelers, we frequently change cell phone numbers. Each new country has one or two new numbers. There are cell phones now that have two numbers – they actually have two SIM cards in each phone.

This raises some questions:

1. How do we remember these new cell phone numbers?

2. Why should we be bothered with remembering a cell phone number; it is just a waste of good brain bandwidth.

3. How do we keep youngsters from thinking we are stupid, just because we have no priority to remember a cell phone number?

This is fun, in a way. It would be enjoyable to give this problem to a bunch of techies to see which one comes up with a simple solution and which one just makes life more complicated.

The best cell-phone-number solution is simple and easy. Often, we say to ourselves, “that was too simple!” as if we already knew it.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, if you want life confused and complicated, hand the problem over the IT department to look for a techie, computer solution.

Want to know my new cell phone number in the USA?

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Andy Lee Graham

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Hi Andy,

I am not sure if you know, you can use the exact same cellular phone in the US as well as overseas I do that myself, I bought an iPhone 3GS, just make sure this iPhone is FACTORY UNLOCKED. These kind of phones come with a SIM card, and work overseas just as they call them world phones. Here in the US, I use mine with a T-Mobile card, and I like the pay as go way, thus, I am not expecting ANY monthly charges, I just refill when I know I am getting low in minutes. When traveling in Guatemala I just remove my other SIM card and pop a Tigo one in the exact same phone, easy-peacy.


You just need to check if you have a quad band phone in the US we use 850 MHz, 1900 MHz - most of the rest of the world uses 800 and 1800MHz- I have one i bought in the Philippines for 22 dollars with two sims and is a quad band - a number of usa cellphone companies have gsm sims like the rest of the world including Atandt,T-mobile and net10 Verizon uses the system without sim cards called CDMA.

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