How to Give Webpage Updates to a Virtual Assistant

Telling a virtual assistant to update a webpage by email is painful. We send 20 emails and never get the correct update. Heres the solution.

Virtual Assistant

Is your virtual assistant driving you crazy? Often, we are driving them crazy in return. We do not seem to speak the same language. Yes, they speak English, but it is not their first language; it is work for them and easy for us.

First things first: Call them with Skype to make sure there is hope of speaking in English. If they avoid a phone call, that is a good sign you will have communication problems.

Now, watch this video, and MAKE IT GO FULL SCREEN.


We need to accept that being a good boss is all about communication skills. Most virtual assistants are eager to please, but they just do not know how to do it. After all, virtual assistants cannot read your mind!

Try to find a virtual assistant who intuitively understands you. If he or she continually wants more explanation, there is not a meeting of the minds, and it is time to look for a virtual assistant who shares your mindset.

I believe that in hiring your first personal assistant, you will, on average, fail with 10 before coming up with the correct "Personal Virtual Assistant Formula."

Enjoy life.

This is Andy Lee Graham, a perpetual world traveler for over 15 years and manager of more than 100 sites hosted at independent locations. To discover my present location, you can click on the members button below.

Andy Graham ... somewhere not in the USA or Europe.

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