How to Choose a Good Digital Nomad Hotel Room?

This is your business, you need to choose the location well, or the business will suffer.


How to optimize the Hotel room, when running a digital nomad business?

1. Hotel with less than 15 rooms, so you do not need to share the WIFI signal with many people.

2. Sound insulated Hotel room, so when you are talking on Skype at 2:00 am because of time differences, the other residents are not annoyed.

3. The best hotel has the children of the owner using the Internet, the owner will keep the children happy, it will be fast, up, and working because they need to keep their children happy.

4. You need to have line of sight on the WIFI router.

5. Check that Skype works, before you rent the room.

6. One electrical plug on wall, when possible, nonetheless count the plugs in room.

7. Windows should not face the courtyard when possible, this is too much noise interference.

8. Sometimes run an ethernet wire.

9. Do not pay more than weekly ahead, if the Hotel has a major WIFI, or Electrical problem, you can move, or maybe the Hotel starts a noisy construction project, do not be loyal to problems in Hotels, do not work with the Hotel, you move.


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