Tomtom GPS Needs Computer and Internet Access

The TomTom GPS require, I mean is 100 necessary you have a computer and Internet access and above average understanding of computers.

I drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Orland, Indiana to help my 78/79 year old parents learn how to use their 259 USD Radio Shack purchased TomTom GPS to work. I am annoyed to say the least...

My parents can use the device, but are not capable of updating the application or Maps. And, as it sits, the application software is one year old, blah blah blah, this is almost amazing.

I believe I can buy the VIA 1400 series on for 125 dollars, but in a way I am happy they bought at Radio Shack, because I believe the good guys in the Angoloa, Indiana Radio Shack will update, or help them when I am gone


I got to talk to a couple of TomTom GPS support staff, one was in India I believe, and the other felt to be South or Central America... (Sarcasm, yes Sacrasm --- The Big Bang Theory)

S.N.A.F.U. Andy Graham

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I am planning to buy a GPS, not necessary a Tom Tom GPS, but something, but plan on paying less than 100 USD. Why? I am alone, and if the map it outlines is reasonablly close to a paper map or Google map, then I will know when I leave the path. I do not like to read maps... why? Because that is all I ever have done for the last 14 years, read maps, read maps, read maps, I will allow Google, Tom Tom or Garvin to figure it out for me. Note, I am Hobo, or Nomad, I do not care if I am efficient in the trip, I just want to arrive.

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