The TomTom GPS require, I mean is 100 necessary you have a computer and Internet access and above average understanding of computers.

I drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Orland, Indiana to help my 78/79 year old parents learn how to use their 259 USD Radio Shack purchased TomTom GPS to work. I am annoyed to say the least...

My parents can use the device, but are not capable of updating the application or Maps. And, as it sits, the application software is one year old, blah blah blah, this is almost amazing.

I believe I can buy the VIA 1400 series on for 125 dollars, but in a way I am happy they bought at Radio Shack, because I believe the good guys in the Angoloa, Indiana Radio Shack will update, or help them when I am gone


I got to talk to a couple of TomTom GPS support staff, one was in India I believe, and the other felt to be South or Central America... (Sarcasm, yes Sacrasm --- The Big Bang Theory)

S.N.A.F.U. Andy Graham

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walkinlove from has written 2 comments

Good for them....I still get my roadtrip maps from AAA! I just hate GPS for some reason. Will you be using GPS on your trips?

has written 3 comments

Hi Andy,

Our daughter Anna has a tomtom that she used when we were driving all around Europe in 2010. The problem is that they charge $200 to update the maps, and even charge extra for quarterly updates. The device must be plugged in a charger at all times because it does not hold a charge. It can often be wrong. I personally did not like the tomtom and felt it was a ripoff. You will need to make sure your parents understand how to use it. I must admit I found it confusing when Anna tried to explain it to me and often had difficulty making it work properly when she was not around. We were often misdirected by the tomtom and luckily Bob had a paper map to show us the way.

As a senior myself, I have found creating starred places on Google maps and then accessing those places on my cell phone much easier. You could even create maps for them and send them the link. I know your Mom is good at reading email, due to your past comments and am sure she would find this easier. You could also map out trips for them, send her the link, and make sure she knows how to access the maps on her android phone (that is the Google phone platform that works with their maps.) Then, she should verify the online route by referencing the paper map.

I also like the feature on my phone that talks to me and tells me where to go. However, I would recommend your mother familiarize herself with the route by reading the driving directions on Google maps. Sometimes the directions can get a bit goofy and you really need to know where you are going. We carry a paper map of the US (and one of Europe when traveling there) which is essential. The final word rests with the hard copy map. Bob always verifies the online directions using the paper map as a backup to the directions provided by the online version. I do most of the driving and he navigates. We have driven nearly 100,000 miles all over Europe and America using this method and have always managed to reach our destination with few wrong turns.

On another note, I do hope your father gets accepted into the cancer treatment program and has a quick and complete recovery.

All the best,

Pat Patten

Gadget from has written 17 comments

I am planning to buy a GPS, not necessary a Tom Tom GPS, but something, but plan on paying less than 100 USD. Why? I am alone, and if the map it outlines is reasonablly close to a paper map or Google map, then I will know when I leave the path. I do not like to read maps... why? Because that is all I ever have done for the last 14 years, read maps, read maps, read maps, I will allow Google, Tom Tom or Garvin to figure it out for me. Note, I am Hobo, or Nomad, I do not care if I am efficient in the trip, I just want to arrive.

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