Glare on Laptop Computer Screen is a Problem to Solve for My USA Road Trip

My eyes are hurting from the strain of looking a my HP Pavilion laptop with glare from the lights in library or sun.

I am spending an inordinate amount of time searching for shady spots to sit and work on my computer. I was surprised to discover that in the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana that the lighting was so good, --- or bad, that my eyes were hurting all the time. I finally discovered that in the Microfiche room of the Genealogy department it was dark, but a little cool.

Van Sunlight Glare I have yet to put up a curtain behind the seat of my Chevy Atro Van that I am using for a driving trip around the USA. However, I am relatively certain a curtain will stop most of the sun glare on my laptop. In the end the best solution in the Van is to always try to park under a shade tree.

I have been typing in the word "Park" on the Tom Tom GPS to find parks, in the hope of working on my computer in a park during the hot of the day.

I will soon insulate the Chevy Van with something, I believe it will be styrofoam insulation, this will stop more computer screen glare.

Andy Graham


Computer Glare

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I think I can find something like erest888 mention, a tinted cover for the screen. I have been trying to find some tint I could do myself, but have yet to find. I will stop into one of the local tinting companies and get a price e. I am going to buy some sunglasses also.

Neil V

I work out of McDonalds all the time. I understand the problem with glare due to a light above the Table. Unscrew the light bulb. Remember to tighten it back up before you leave or they may think it is a bad bulb.


That is an idea, unscrew the lightbulb... good idea.

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