Glare on Laptop Computer Screen is a Problem to Solve for My USA Road Trip

My eyes are hurting from the strain of looking a my HP Pavilion laptop with glare from the lights in library or sun.

I am spending an inordinate amount of time searching for shady spots to sit and work on my computer. I was surprised to discover that in the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana that the lighting was so good, --- or bad, that my eyes were hurting all the time. I finally discovered that in the Microfiche room of the Genealogy department it was dark, but a little cool.

Van Sunlight Glare I have yet to put up a curtain behind the seat of my Chevy Atro Van that I am using for a driving trip around the USA. However, I am relatively certain a curtain will stop most of the sun glare on my laptop. In the end the best solution in the Van is to always try to park under a shade tree.

I have been typing in the word "Park" on the Tom Tom GPS to find parks, in the hope of working on my computer in a park during the hot of the day.

I will soon insulate the Chevy Van with something, I believe it will be styrofoam insulation, this will stop more computer screen glare.

Andy Graham


Computer Glare

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I think I can find something like erest888 mention, a tinted cover for the screen. I have been trying to find some tint I could do myself, but have yet to find. I will stop into one of the local tinting companies and get a price e. I am going to buy some sunglasses also.

Neil V

I work out of McDonalds all the time. I understand the problem with glare due to a light above the Table. Unscrew the light bulb. Remember to tighten it back up before you leave or they may think it is a bad bulb.


a five dollar pair of clip on polarized sunglasses from Walmart USA should do the trick. Clip them to your reading glasses. You can flip them up when you dont need them.


That is an idea, unscrew the lightbulb... good idea.

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