How to use Fuel Consumption Gauge to Find Optimal Speed for Fuel Efficiency

What speed should you drive for maximum fuel efficiency?

It is June of 2012, I am on a road trip around the USA in a 2001 Chevy Astro Van. There is "Fuel Consumption Gauge" on the ceiling of my van between the seat. Unfortunately because it is digital is almost impossible to see when the sun is shining. I was watching it while driving through the farm land of Illinois when I realized it was a great device to figure out my optimal speed to drive.

I put on the cruise control, then checked it at 55 miles per hours, it was right around 20-22, it fluctuates according to hills.

I then tried 50 mile per hour, and it went to 24-26 miles per hour.

Hmm, let me do the math...?

Gas is 3.59 dollars per gallon.

I get on average 17 miles per gallon.

It cost .20 cents per mile to drive my 2001 Chevy Astro.

Mas o Menos, I save 35-40 cents or achieve an additional 30-40 cents if I drive at 50 miles per hour. Approximately, if I drive 200 miles I will save 3.50 dollars. Later I was testing it with the Air Conditioning, and it cost me about 2 miles per gallon, so going 50 will allow me to turn on the air-con.

Here is a video showing how I am using the fuel consumption gauge to optimize my speed to save the most amount of money.

Consider this, if the price of gas went to 8 USD the USA could easily go bankrupt. Truly the Middle East and Venezuela, Nigeria etc. is being kind by not put this knife into our economy.

Personally, I believe all the bike paths along road are a little crazy, the cost is extreme, and the benefits to the citizens is low. But maybe we need them when the price of gas goes to eight dollars per gallon, the same as Europe.

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