I Cannot Send Email Because Blocked with Internet Movil.Claro Dominican Republic 554

SMTP is blocked, I cannot send emails: am accessing the Interent here in the Dominican Republic using a Claro USB Wireless Internet Modem.

Claro Blocked 554

I download my e-mails so I can read them offline, without an Internet connection. I use an e-mail client, (E-mail software program) called Foxmail, I think I have been using it now for close to 12 years.

There are many email client programs like this, and the majority are junk, I especially will warn you not to use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. You will lose your emails and contacts when trying to buy a new computer.

I believe Pagasus is good, but truly I think only Foxmail and Pegasus work, all the others are problems. More or less, as usual, the free and open source like stuff is better than the stuff you pay for.

Pegasus Mail

Microsoft Outlook
Mozilla's Thunderbird
Apple Inc.'s Mail.

Today --- Claro or Yahoo SMTP is Now Blocked, Maybe it will Open

I looked at my outbox, and two e-mails I wrote yesterday were not sent. I tried to send them again, and the little warning above popped up. As normal on the Internet, it gave me this link, I clicked on it, and it goes to nowhere.

I am here, asking myself, is it Claro, or Yahoo blocking me?

This is close to impossible to understand or fix, the only solution is normally to just stop using Foxmail and go on-line to my Yahoo account and read, write, and reply only on-line.

This makes me feel old....

I doubt that 95 percent of the people even know what an e-mail client is, but I can say, that reading e-mails on-line is dangerous. You are not in control of your memory backup, and that means if Yahoo or Gmail decided to shut off your email box, you would lose everything.

I have all my e-mails for the last 14 years, if I wanted, I could go through 10's of thousands of e-mails and read old ones.

When possible I download e-mails, and send using my Foxmail program.

When not possible, I work online, read Yahoo mail online, it is primary.

Therefore, I will just work online and not worry about this a lot, just another normal type of problem for a digital nomad.

Note, 99 percent of the time, the high speed WIFI connections are open, while a USB modem is open to SMPT less than 50 percent of the time.

Andy Graham in Montellano, Dominican Republic February 2012

Problem claro

A reader sent this:

Andy, hope you are well.
Reference to your latest post about not being able to send email.
Im not sure if you are aware of this, but i hope (and think) it will help you....

I use it all the time. It saves the hassle of putting up with not being able to connect to an appropriate smtp server for sending email. Supports multiple email addresses. Have used it for many years with no problems.
Let me know if this helped or not.
Take care.

Photos I Cannot Send Email Because Blocked with Internet Movil.Claro Dominican Republic 554

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