Dominican Republic Digital Nomad

How to be a digital nomad in Dominican Republic?

Sosua, Dominican Republic as Mobile Office:  Sosua is one of the best places on the planet to work on an Internet website on the planet, you can get a room for 300 USD per month, with high speed connection, TV and kitchenette just off the plane. (Read about rooms in Sosua for 300 USD.)

USB Wireless Modem Internet Access in Dominican Republic.

There are two telephone companies that supply USB wireless modem Internet access in the DR, Claro and Orange. Cost of USB wireless modem for 3 Gig is 45 USD per month or 1690 Pesos, there is no contract with Claro, Orange is not reasonable. You need to go to a main office for Claro in a bigger city, for the north coast this would be Santiago or Puerta Plata.

Buying Claro USB Modem Service: You need to go the Puerto Plata main office.

Santiago Airport has Free WIFI in the food court, that is not in the main terminal area, so you can have access prior to check in.


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