Digital Nomad Defined

Digital Nomad defined by Andy Lee Graham, 14 years of being a digital nomad, and 90 countries later.


Digital Nomad Defined:

Truly, this phrase has been romanticized to the point where it is so cliché, and when someone uses the term, I ignore them. However, there are people who are motivated, and want to know how to become independent.

Digital Nomad Defined

(I use this photo as proof, I have five USB Wireless Modems taped to my fingers. I now own 8 of them, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Philippines, Guatemala, USA, Honduras, Thailand Tethered - Togo Tethered, etc.- After 2011, the world became truly wireless.)

Let us define it by what we as Digital Nomads can do, or not do?

1. We are not capable of renting a room longer than a month.

2. We could own a home, but we would rent it to another person.

3. We do not need a car.

4. We do not have appointments, we are digital, and nomadic, remember?

5. We move around freely, we always find places to sleep that are temporary.

6. Digital means we are connected to the world through computers, bandwidth, Internet,, and other uses of electronic gear.

7. We are almost always self-employed, there are few journalists, travel writers, and photographers that go on assignment, but think of the word "Nomad," that stops the wander and truly disqualifies them, unless again temporary.

8. Nomad means, no set destination, maybe wandering to a place that hits our fancy.

9. I suppose a Digital Nomad could wander around the USA forever, or drive a van, motorhome, etc Maybe you would call that a Domestic Nomad Traveler. Then there are us International ones.

10. Many passport stamps.

11. Fully aware of the 110-220 problems.

12. A digital nomad would not be able to work at a brick and mortar business.

Please put suggestions in comments, thanks.

Andy Lee Graham 14 years of nomad travel, and 90 countries.

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