Camera Tripod Gear for Survivalist Photographers

How do you deal with camera gear breaking? Keep taking photos long after other photographers return home to buy new photography gear stay in business.

Which camera tripod is essential gear? Which will survive being beaten up during travel and help you keep taking photos long after your friends give up and return home?  Many photographers say, “I need to buy the right gear,” but they’re not sure what the “right gear” is.

The camera tripod is essential because the tripod replaces a cameraman.

Camera Tripod Travel

When we go out on location in the field, there is going to come a time when we cannot buy replacement photography gear. But we can survive by adapting.

We know what we want in a tripod. But that is irrelevant when we are in a country that has great photographic opportunities – ones we can’t pass up and which will lead to sellable photos – but that country does not have camera equipment for sale.

This video explains better what is essential tripod gear and how to be a survivalist photographer.

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