February 11 2013 Internet Outage In Benin West Africa

Maybe Benin is experiencing Internet problem from broken cable or microwave problems, I have yet to learn why...?

February 11, 2013 Internet Outage in Benin West Africa

I have a Moov telecom Internet connections giving me Internet access through the cell towers here in Natitingou, Benin. My Cle, or USB Modem is Edge, it is slow, today is February 11, 2013, and the world of Internet USB modems is changing at radical speeds soon there will be 3G, then 4G, etc.

fiber optics hobo

However, today I am having trouble writing my Travel Blog. I cannot access HoboTraveler.com, or HoboHideOut.com, the sites appears down here in Benin.

I can get on any of the 100 plus live abroad sites, plus the specific topic sites as they one you are on:

I sent an SMS Text message to Andrew’s phone in India, my partner. He gets on Skype.com and we try to figure out the problem.

We do not know what is wrong.

The sites are up in other countries, just not here in Natitingou, Benin West Africa for me to use, I am the one suffering the outage. We do not lose much traffic globally, are readers are not normally from the country of Benin.

CNN is down, Google News is down, Google Photos is down, Facebook works like crap, Twitter is down, and Yahoo is kicking butt, and doing well on all levels.

I am happy I have a Yahoo E-mail address; I never changed when g-mail came along, and I do not fix things that work fine.

Fun stuff, and who knows why the Internet is not allowing some sites like CNN, and HoboTraveler.com to show.

We have two designated servers for HoboTrav and HoboHideOut.com; supposedly, they are located in Utah in the USA.

The other 100 sites are with another server, which for 25 dollars a month often seems better than the 500 we pay for the two designated servers.

Fun stuff to learn about, not to experiences, this is maybe the 5th time this has happened in the 15 years of my travels.

If I really wanted, I could get on TeamView and access the Internet from a 24/7 computer online in Orland, Indiana we use as a semi VPN system, but different,  it is better.

Andy Graham
Natitingou, Benin West Africa

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