Hello, I am Andy Graham, The World's Most Experienced Digital Nomad. I am a homeless nomad, that have traveled the world perpetually for 15 year and lived in 90 countries. I have more experience in running a Internet business from digital nomadic travel locations than anyone on earth. Let me prove it to you... I have worked from mobile office locations running one of the largest privately owned travel sites remotely, it was conceived while living as a digital nomad, 100 percent of my work for 13 years on the site was done from remote, on-the-road locations. Thank you Andy Graham. Join us free!

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It is time for digital nomads to buy a new cell phone for world travel. After January 1, 2014 we need to buy a Dual SIM, Quad Band, Unlocked cell phone.

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Digital nomad travelers do not take notes we take photos because a photo remembers perfectly and 10 times more easily.

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This is a true story about just how stupid the world is getting because nobody answers the phone, then businesses fail, and people lose their jobs.

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My friend showed me the brand name MyCharge portable battery recharger for iPad and Blackberry smartphones. It was good for three battery refills.

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It is possible for any USA citizen living in under-developed countries to earn thousands of dollars a month selling on Amazon.com.

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Example of how to map free Wi-Fi internet connections in northeast Indiana: 1 Starbucks, 2 Panera breads and 6 McDonalds.com, free Wi-Fi possible

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How do you deal with camera gear breaking? Keep taking photos long after other photographers return home to buy new photography gear stay in business.

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Stop searching for your cell phone number. This simple travel tip allows any digital nomad to remember the number, 100-percent guaranteed cell phone trick

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The 4-Hour Workweek is the dream, but giving birth to our first virtual assistant is how real digital nomad travelers live that dream.

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Telling a virtual assistant to update a webpage by email is painful. We send 20 emails and never get the correct update. Heres the solution.

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