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Hello, I am Andy Graham, The World's Most Experienced Digital Nomad. I am a homeless nomad, that have traveled the world perpetually for 15 year and lived in 90 countries. I have more experience in running a Internet business from digital nomadic travel locations than anyone on earth. Let me prove it to you... I have worked from mobile office locations running one of the largest privately owned travel sites remotely, it was conceived while living as a digital nomad, 100 percent of my work for 13 years on the site was done from remote, on-the-road locations. Thank you Andy Graham.

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Traveler Standard Cell Phone is Dual SIM

It is time for digital nomads to buy a new cell phone for world travel. After January 1, 2014 we need to buy a Dual SIM, Quad Band, Unlocked cell phone.

Taking Notes Using Cameras, Smartphones and Screenshots

Digital nomad travelers do not take notes we take photos because a photo remembers perfectly and 10 times more easily.

I Like Money, So I Answer the Phone

This is a true story about just how stupid the world is getting because nobody answers the phone, then businesses fail, and people lose their jobs.

Sign Up Easier By Emptying Spam Box First

I sign up, and need to confirm my email many times, I now empty my spam box before to make it easier to wait for the email to come.

Portable Recharger for iPad and Blackberry Smartphones

My friend showed me the brand name MyCharge portable battery recharger for iPad and Blackberry smartphones. It was good for three battery refills.

June 22, 2013 - Started Seller Central FBA Account

It is possible for any USA citizen living in under-developed countries to earn thousands of dollars a month selling on

Camera Tripod Gear for Survivalist Photographers

How do you deal with camera gear breaking? Keep taking photos long after other photographers return home to buy new photography gear stay in business.

Easy Trick to Remember Our Cell Phone Numbers

Stop searching for your cell phone number. This simple travel tip allows any digital nomad to remember the number, 100-percent guaranteed cell phone trick

How to Give Birth to Your First Virtual Assistant

The 4-Hour Workweek is the dream, but giving birth to our first virtual assistant is how real digital nomad travelers live that dream.

How to Give Webpage Updates to a Virtual Assistant

Telling a virtual assistant to update a webpage by email is painful. We send 20 emails and never get the correct update. Heres the solution.

The End of Google Reader is Barbarians Destroying Knowledge

It is barbaric to destroy the culture of education, knowledge, and understanding by the willful wholesale destruction of culture in the name of money.

In 2013 It Is Impossible to Leave the USA Completely

How can I leave, when anyone in the USA has the ability to call me?

Thailand Digital Nomad Traveler

Thailand from the point of a view of a Digital Nomad Traveler- I am Andy Graham a person who runs and manages an Internet business from the road.

Overheating Computer is a Dirty Computer

A digital nomad traveler needs to have his or her laptop computer cleaned, or the computer will overheat, you do not need to buy a new computer.

Computer Mall in Bangkok Thailand

This is a video explaining Pantip or Panthip Plaza a Computer Mall in Bangkok Thailand.

Prepaid Cell Phone Thailand

Video explaining how to set up a prepaid cell phone in Thailand.

Kindle for Digital Nomad Travel

The Kindle is a nice electronic device, but only because I can download free books and worth 25-40 USD to me.

Internet Connection Sharing Problem in Hotels

The number of people using the Internet has increased to staggering percentages, the connections are becoming very slow. September 2012

Apple Computers do not Work for Digital Travel, You Need a PC

Mac or Apple products do not work for Digital Nomad traveler, you will not be able to get them repaired, or updated as a real nomad.

IT Dept or Host Blocking International E-Mails

The IT departments of large corporations, or your host will block emails and never tell you, you will wonder, why didnt this person write back?

Digital Nomad Defined

Digital Nomad defined by Andy Lee Graham, 14 years of being a digital nomad, and 90 countries later.


Digital Nomad Travelers in country of Guatemala.

Capture Telephone Numbers

Capture telephone numbers for good business practice, the one with the most contacts wins.

Protect Computer from Beer And Coffee

Video explaining how Andy Lee Graham the Digital Nomad Traveler keeps coffee, beer, and soft drinks etc. away from his computer keyboard.

USB Cord Low Current Problem

I am on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and the long USB cord would not work, low current is a problem for Digital Nomad Travelers.

USA Cords Buy White and Mark with Marker

Traveling the planet as a Digital Nomad Traveler is tough, often Hotel rooms have poor lighting, here is a travel tip to solve that problem for USB cords.

Stop Losing Work with CTRL A and CTRL C

Have you type an e-mail for 20 minutes, then lost your e-mail? Learn to select the cell, then copy the cell quickly.

I Traded the Phone for Email and Now Worst Than Before

I wanted the phone to stop ringing, but now I realize the never ending contact from an Internet business is worst.

Use to Receive Telephone Calls Anywhere on Planet

You can have one telephone number, and it will forward to anywhere on the planet with

Fuel Consumption Gauge

There is a digital Fuel Consumption Gauge in many modern cars.


Glare from sunlight or room lighting causes many problems seeing a computer screen, it is especially bad outdoors.


MiFi is a compact wireless router that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that provides internet access to any WiFi enabled device.

12 Volt Power Supply for Laptop on USA Road Trip

I am driving a Chevy Astro Mini Van across the USA, I want to have 24/7 use of my laptop inside my van.

List of WIFI in Hotel Problems

This is a list of problems you will encounter as a digital nomad world traveler, please add problems in comments.

Concrete Walls Blocking WIFI

Concrete wall can block WIFI signal from the router to your Hotel room.

USA Digital Nomad

Information from Andy Lee Graham on how to be a Digital Nomad in the USA or United States of America.

Dominican Republic Digital Nomad

How to be a digital nomad in Dominican Republic?

List of Software Programs Used by Andy Lee Graham as Manager of Mobile Online Internet Business

This list is disorganize and needs explaining, but is a hint into my world.

USB Wireless Modem Internet Access

How a Digital Nomad uses a USB Wireless Modem for Internet Access?

Live Webcam

Waht is a Live Webcam? And how to set one up anywhere on the planet as a digital nomad traveler.


3G - How to have the best 3G Internet access?

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